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An-Yuan Guo, Ph.D. Professor of Bioinformatics

ZhaoW Ma, Ph.D

Teng Liu, Master

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Data Source And Work Flow

1 miRNA targets Collecting

We got miRNA targets from Database TargetScan, miRanda, TarBase, miRTarBase, miR2Disease, miRecords, miRWalk. We treated these data as the flow chart below to get the Total miRNA targets.

2 Biocarta pathway genes

We got the pathway genes from the CGAP Biocarta database.

3 TCGA expression data

We downloaded the expression data from TCGA database(version 2016_01_28). We downloaded the level 3 miRNA isform data to get the mature miRNA expression. We downloaded the level 3 gene expression data. Then we computed the average expression of each cancer and normal samples.

4 Work Flow