The SNORic refers to "snoRNA in cancers". Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are a class of regulatory non-coding RNAs, which play a conserved role in ribosome biogenesis. However, in recent years, increasing evidence has demonstrated that snoRNAs play important roles in tumorigenesis. Here, we systematically analyzed snoRNA expression profiles in > 10,000 samples across 31 cancer types from The Cancer Genome Atlas, and analyzed their correlation with other TCGA genomic, proteomic, epigenomic and clinical data (e.g. patient tumor stage, subtype, and survival).

Users Can:

Search snoRNA expression in different cancer types;
Analyze the differential expressed snoRNAs between tumor and normal samples;
Analyze the correlation between snoRNA and clinical stage/subtype/survival;
Analyze the correlation between snoRNA and snoRNA CNV/methylation;
Analyze the correlation between snoRNA and gene mRNA/splicing/protein;
Download all expression data to independently validate a pattern of interest.
A Pan-cancer Analysis of the Expression and Clinical Relevance of Small Nucleolar RNAs in Human Cancer.
Jing Gong, Yajuan Li, Chun-Jie Liu, Yu Xiang , Chunlai Li, Youqiong Ye, Zhao Zhang, David H. Hawke, Peter K. Park, Lixia Diao, John A. Putkey, Liuqing Yang, An-Yuan Guo, Chunru Lin, Leng Han. Cell Reports. (2017).

Summary of samples

snoRNA based analysis

Gene based analysis