AnimalTFDB predicted transcription regulators in 65 animal species from Caenorhabditis elegans to Homo sapiens (Ensembl release version 75). The 65 animal species were classified into 11 categories according to the Ensembl taxonomy. Users can click the pictures on the phylogenetic tree or the names on the left treeview to browse.

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Dasypus_novemcinctus This dataset collected 1406 transcription factors in 67 families, 105 chromatin remodeling factors and 361 transcription co-factors of Dasypus novemcinctus
Transcription Factor Family (1406)
AF-4(6) AP-2(5) ARID(12) bHLH(92) CBF(1) CG-1(1) COE(7)
CP2(9) CSD(12) CSL(2) DM(7) E2F(13) ETS(27) Fork head(44)
GCM(2) GTF2I(6) HMG(62) HMGI/HMGY(2) HPD(2) HSF(10) HTH(1)
IRF(8) MBD(9) MYB(22) NCU-G1(1) NDT80/PhoG(2) Nrf1(1) P53(3)
PAX(8) PC4(4) RFX(8) RHD(9) Runt(3) SAND(6) SRF(4)
STAT(6) T-box(15) TEA(4) THAP(12) TSC22(4) Tub(5) zf-BED(6)
zf-C2HC(5) zf-GATA(13) zf-LITAF-like(4) zf-MIZ(8) zf-NF-X1(2)
Nuclear Receptor
Transcription Co-factors (361) Chromatin Remodeling Factors (105)